Tax structuring

Tax structuring involves planning and strategy to minimize taxes, maximize deductions and to avoid taxation pitfalls. Since international activities can lead to taxation both in the country of residence and in the country of operation, the availability for instance of double taxation treaties and tax developments throughout the world therefore are other important considerations in tax structuring.

We are experienced in addressing these as well as all other aspects of (international) taxation. We are able to help you structure your business in a tax efficient and effective manner as regards to the following:

  • Inbound structuring into the Netherlands (it is important to decide on the form of the business, e.g. partnership or corporation, before the actual activities are initiated, we refer to our section legal forms for more on this).
  • Outbound structuring services (implementation of holding, financing and licensing companies through a BV, cooperative et cetera, tax deferral vehicles like cv-bv structures)
  • Developing tax-efficient transaction structures (advice on the incorporation and merits of (sub)holding companies and repatriation structures);
  • Intangible property planning
  • Other tax services (e.g. thin capitalization solutions, Dutch tax treatment of mergers, acquisitions, liquidations et cetera)
  • Pathfinder services: business start up support for companies entering the Netherlands (see our business setup section)
  • Value chain support: optimizing your business model

We have vast experience with setting up and implementing tax efficient and effective structures via the Netherlands. In case you are interested in how the Netherlands can be of use for your business, please feel free to contact us.


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